Roofing Services

Quality, hassle-free, roofing services, reconstruction and restoration
you can trust to be done right the first time.

Roofing Services

Roofing services done right to keep your business and life going.

Restoration & Reconstruction

High-quality restoration to make your property whole again

Water & Mold

Thoroughly restore your water-damaged property


Severe Weather

When your home or business in impacted by severe weather our skilled team is there to help you overcome the effects of property damage swiftly & efficiently.


Unforeseen Property Damage

Identifying unanticipated damage early is key to the successful restoration of your property. Our team will investigate your property damage thoroughly, leaving no stone unturned.


Aging Roofs

Maintaining and insuring older roofs can be costly. By replacing your aging roof you can make your property more storm resistance while lowering insurance premiums and adding piece of mind.

Knowing Who To Turn To For High-Quality Roofing Services Shouldn’t Feel Overwhelming.

Damaging weather conditions are never part of the plan. Wether you’re dealing with hailstorms, hurricanes, severe weather or roof leaks from older roofs, finding someone to help can feel daunting. 

You cannot effectively run your business or live in your home when it is in need of repair. At CRG we believe that you shouldn’t have to forfeit peace of mind or potential profit just because of a damaged roof. We understand how important it is that you get back in your building or home as swiftly and efficiently as possible. 

Client Testimonials

“Coastal living comes with risk. However, when entire neighborhoods are affected, even the most seasoned property manager can be challenged. CRG did more than meet our deadlines – they provided peace of mind in a time of uncertainty and that, to us, is invaluable. ”

Grady Fulcher

General Manager, Beacon's Reach

“CRG went above and beyond what any contractor would do these days to ensure every detail was taken care of. I highly recommend Compass Restoration Group if you have any remodeling or reconstruction needs.”

Kathy Jacobs


“I needed an expert who could anticipate problems and offers solutions. These guys delivered!”

Dan Braun

President, Braun Enterprises

“I knew, after your presentation and our vetting of you and your company and history, that CRG keeps its word and honors its commitment.

Dennis Neff

President Kingswood 3 Condominiums

“Compass Restoration Group did a very commendable and professional job in securing the property, appraising the extent of damage, and including thorough documentation. Truly Thank You!”

Todd Schaumloffel

Owner Elmwood Apartments

“The Summit Owners Association appreciated that CRG took the time to understand our specific goals and concerns. The entire neighborhood was restored in less than a year, and the relationship with CRG gave me complete confidence when communicating with our residents.”

Carol Cesare Property

Manager, Summit Condominiums